Pre-drive and roadworthiness checks

These are to ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy before you start to drive. You should start with a visual examination of the exterior of the vehicle looking for damage or defects.

P O W D E R is used in Roadcraft as an acronym (p164).

P etrol - This is checked to ensure that you have enough for the journey and to allow you to plan refuelling stops.
O il - This should be checked when the engine is cold (check your handbook) and on a level surface.
Also include hydraulic fluids( if appropriate) for the clutch, brake, and power steering systems.
W ater - The level in the radiator and windscreen washer bottle(s); should be checked on a level surface.

D amage to bodywork, wheels,  fixtures like mirrors and  glazing ensuring it is clean inside and out.

E lectrics - Check all lights, indicators and hazard warning lights are in good working order and clean. Also check the horn.
R ubber - Check the tyre pressures and tread depth, look for damage to the tyres and wheels. Check the wiper blades for damage.