The Drivers Guide

This online drivers guide has been prepared to enable members of the Group to understand the basic principles of advanced driving.        It contains (and summarises) information contained in "Roadcraft, The Police Drivers Handbook, which is acknowledged as a source of much of the information, and as such is required reading.

Also required reading is a current copy of  "The Highway Code which can also be viewed in an online version at


and "Know your TRAFFIC SIGNS"


* Please note the publications pictured above are for illustrative purposes only and may not match or be of current editions *

Group Members, in the past could order copies of the above at discounted prices from us, however now, with online retailers offering these publications at already discounted prices (sometimes including postage and packaging), we regret we are no longer offering this service

The information contained in "The Drivers Guide", has been written to aid those giving a "commentary drive".
It can be broken down into sections to show you the actions you should take, on approaching and dealing with hazards.
The information contained within this guide may be freely reproduced as it is for the benefit of all drivers, however it should be noted and appreciated that The East Renfrewshire Group of RoADAR should be given an acknowledgement, as the information has been provided by tutors and group members who have already successfully passed the advanced test. 

Please note however, some of the detail and advice may change from time to time and every examiner and tutor may have slightly different interpretations and views thereof.



Please use the sub menu buttons on the left to enter the individual online sections.Additionally a PDF printable download of the guide to System and Commentary is available HERE,